Picture of Bill Sheldon
This site hosts the blog of Bill Sheldon. This is currently the only information hosted on this site, although other updates may be added in the future.
About Bill
Bill Sheldon was originally awarded a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in 2004. He has co-authored several books including “Professional Office Business Application Development”, six editions of “Professional Visual Basic”, and his first book “Professional Commerce Server 2000” all for Wrox press. Bill has worked in a variety of software development roles from junior engineer through technical lead since leaving the US Navy in 1991. Bill is an active instructor with the University of California San Diego Extension and an author for SQL Server magazine.
About Nerd Notes
Nerd Notes is a blog authored by Bill. You can read entries by accessing the site, or set up an RSS feed so that you will be notified when new material is added. Of note the site will not only contain technical articles, however, in addition to the main RSS feed, you can subscribe to a category of feeds. So if you only want to receive postings related to technology of some type select that feed as your subscription, alternatively you can filter it further to just those entries dealing with .NET or just those dealing with Visual Basic. The choice is yours, for my part I intend to blog about more than just technology but I know some readers want a more focused information delivery.